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Whiteshell Provincial Park



Looking to try Adventure Racing, but don't want to jump straight into a 9hr event? We have created the Swamp Donkey LITE event on the Sunday following our premiere 9hr event on Saturday. This is an entry level event for anyone who has never tried an adventure race before, but are looking to give one a go. Teams use a map and compass to navigate an unmarked course through the back country of eastern Manitoba.


RUN, NAVIGATE and BIKE to attempt to be the fastest team to reach all checkpoints before the cut off and make it to the finish line for the inaugural year of the LITE event.  The Swamp Donkey LITE event won't have a canoe section, but that doesn't mean you won't be getting wet still!

All participants must follow the most current local Covid guidelines put in place by local authorities and must stay up to date on the rules and regulations regarding Covid-19 when they participate or check your local guidelines.

You are responsible for yourself on the roads, trails & waterways. You MUST WEAR AT ALL TIMES a CSA/CPSC approved bike helmet while biking. You must obey all traffic laws, be courteous and respectful on the trails and are appropriately prepared when attempting your segments along with checking road conditions and weather.

More details available soon

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