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Mission & Vision

We seek to inspire and encourage individuals to pursue a healthy, strong and fulfilled life, both mentally and physically, by developing opportunities through multi-sport events and training to increase their outdoor competence, confidence and build character that can be applied in all aspects of their life. ​​

Guiding Principles

Create: Create opportunities to bring outdoor adventure to all ability levels so that anyone may share the experiences and challenges of participating in multi-sport outdoor activities


Inspire: Inspire people to enjoy and respect our natural environment by bringing to life the events, programs and community of adventure racing for everyone to pursue and excel in a healthy, strong & fulfilled outdoor lifestyle. 

Support: Support organizers, participants, and the outdoor community by providing all the tools needed to develop new skills that foster confidence, competence and build character that can be applied in all aspects of life.

Our Core Values

  • Encourage and Enjoy an Active Life

  • Compete to Learn And Excel- Foster Growth

  • Foster an Inclusive Culture of Humanity, Respect & Empowerment

  • Community: Responsibility to our Communities, Future Generations and our

  • Environment  - no impact no trace

  • Fun!

Strategic Priorities (2022-2023)

  1. Events

    • Create and provide events that allow anyone of all ages and abilities to participate in AR

    • 3hr, 9hr, 24hr (2023)

    • Introduce AR to families to introduce AR to all ages (Family event)

  2. Education / Training

    • Develop training & education opportunities for anyone (inclusive regardless of age, skill) to be prepared to take on an AR event

    • Clinics for Navigating, MTB (2023), Canoeing (2023), ropes (2023)

    • trail awareness - increasing awareness of opportunities with our area (Dauphin & SW Trails)

    • environmental impact - stewardship

    • life long skills that they can (transferable skills)

    • leadership

    • physical & mental health

  3. Community

    • Create Social events for community engagement (i.e., Film Festival)

    • Build website with information to introduce newcomers to the sport of AR

    • community engagement

    • make outdoors accessible for all, inclusiveness

  4. Operational Sustainability

    • Hire Staff to run the SDA organization

    • Build partnerships with businesses that help us achieve our mission towards our vision

    • Secure grants that allow SDA to bring the outdoors to a broader audience through events and programs

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