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Check out the new SDA Website

Mar 15, 2022

Swamp Donkey Adventures Website

As many of you have heard, Swamp Donkey Adventures is now a Not for Profit Organization. As a result, we felt we needed to update our website to reflect all the exciting new opportunities that come with this change! Our goal is the make the Swamp Donkey Adventures website into your one stop for everything adventure racing in Manitoba. Using your feedback from the survey results last fall, we have added more features and content, with more still to come. While we will be continually tweaking our page as we add new features, we couldn't wait any longer for you to see it! Here are some highlights of the new website:

  1. News: Check up on the latest news from Swamp Donkey, all in one location

  2. Races: Yep, there are more Races Coming for 2022! (Check out our March Newsletter at the end of the month for all the details).

  3. Education: Where you can find more details about adventure racing, training and practice courses (more details soon)

  4. Be A Donkey: Sign up for our newsletter, see what your donkey friends are doing, become a volunteer, donate to help us grow

  5. Store: Who doesn't need more Swamp Donkey and adventure racing gear!

  6. About Us: Learn about what our direction, our history and the people that are making it happen.

Feedback We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the new website and how we can make it even better. Have we missed something? Made a mistake somewhere? Something not working? Other features you'd like to see us add? Your input is what is going to make the website a success! Let us know your thoughts!

Swamp Donkey Adventures Website