State of the art timing services

Swamp Donkey Timing Services uses the most advanced chip timing systems by Jaguar and Innovative Timing Solutions.  A low-cost, disposable timing chip attaches to bibs, bikes backpacks, or virtually any surface and is read using overhead or side antennas so no mats or ramps are needed.

The best part?  Because our timing chips are inexpensive and disposable, you don't have to hassle with collecting them at the end of the race!

All equipment provided

Top-notch equipment

Start/Finish tower arch, timing hardware and antennas, disposable timing chips, laptop computers, backup power, whisper quiet generator, additional handheld chip reader, announcer software, results kiosk with printer and flat panel LCD tvs - you get it all! Choose from several package options and add-ons such as custom bibs, custom signage and banners.

real-time results

No more waiting for race results! Athletes can see their finish times immediately in real-time.  Our systems provide 100% redundancy and can handle races from 100 to 5,000 participants.

Qualified Staff

With over 9 years experience managing races and events our team will work with you on the design and implementation of a successful event.


We have timed over 50 events and are proudly trusted by our local partners!