race course map

2016 Google Map link (you must be signed out of all email accounts to view the link)

Race Course Written Instructions:

1. Start on bike in front of the "Oodena" (next to Children's Museum and in front of Inn at the Forks. Cyclists will follow pace bicycle west on Forks Market Dr towards Via Rail train tracks. Turn left at the tracks and follow pace bicycle under the bridge towards Main St.
2. Cross crosswalk under direction of Marshall. Once across race begins.
3. Travel West on Assiniboine Ave obeying all Stop signs until entrance of Legislative Grounds and continue left to lower bike path and go under Osborne St. bridge
4. Once under the bridge, follow the white route markings past the back side of the Granite curling club and then up to Granite Way.
5. Turn left on Granite Way and then left on Balmoral St.
6. Turn left on Young St. Then right on Westminster St. Then turn left on Langside St.
7. Turn right on Cornish Ave and cycle until you reach Sherbrook St. DO NOT CROSS OVER SHERBROOK ST. Turn left at Sherbrook St. and cross under both bridges on the pathway
8. Climb up the stairs after crossing under the west bridge (Maryland Ave) - WALK / RUN your bike south across the Maryland Ave Bridge towards Wellington Cres. Once over the bridge you may remount your bike. Pedestrians receive right of way.
9. Travel west on Wellington Cres (not on limestone path and give way to vehicle traffic) until you reach Assiniboine Park. DO NOT ENTER THE PARK. Turn left onto Park Blvd N.
10. At the corner of Park Blvd and Corydon Ave, turn right into Assiniboine Park at the entrance to the formal gardens and travel on paved biked path just inside the park boundary.
11. Cross Corydon Ave at controlled traffic lights on the west side of the street.
12. Continue cycling south on the west side of Shaftesbury Blvd on the paved bike path to Grant Ave.
13. Cross Grant Ave at the controlled traffic lights and turn right. Travel west on paved bike path to the parking lot at the corner of Grant and Chalfont. Check in with race marshal here. Marshal only requires a bib number, no time will be recorded.
14. Enter Assiniboine Forest traveling south on the paved path. Turn right at the first wood trip trail and follow this trail south until you reach the Harte Trail (which follows parallel to Wilkes ave).
15. Once on the Harte Trail continue west until you reach Charleswood Rd. PEDESTRIANS RECEIVE RIGHT OF WAY - please slow down and DO NOT Buzz them!
16. Turn left on Charleswood Rd and cycle to Wilkes Ave. Turn right.
17. Cycle 3.15 km west on Wilkes Ave until you reach Hall Rd. Ride SINGLE file on shoulder of the road for this section. 
18. Turn right on Hall Rd and cycle 1.3 km north on Hall Rd until you intersect with the Headingly Grand Trunk Trail.
19. Turn left and continue west on the Headingly Grand Trunk Trail until it reaches its end at Roblin Blvd. Turn left on Roblin Blvd and cycle approx. 1.6 km west until you reach the Beaudry Park Rd. Turn right and cycle 500 m north until you reach the Transition area (first boat landing area). Call out your bib to the race timer.
20.Transition to paddle and paddle down the Assiniboine River until you reach the finish line at the Forks. Your time will be recorded once you land on shore.
21. Celebrate because you just got spanked at the Pain In The ASSiniboine Urban Adventure!