+ Where is the race located

The race is located in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. Registration occurs in the town site the night before the race and more details will follow prior to the race as to exact locations

+ I don't get out much, and am not a super athlete is this too hard for me?

If this is your first time adventure racing then we would suggest you consider the 9 Hr race first. The 18 Hr course will be a strenuous course that is often remote and more expedition like in nature. You should be quite fit and very self sufficient in the back country

+ What is expected of our support crew?

Each team will have 1 support crew person. This person is part of the team and will do things like drive you to the race start, move your gear from one transition to the next and help you move through transitions faster. Support crews will be given detailed instructions of how to find each transition location so they should be good navigators. They will have a long race as well but will have significant down time between seeing you at different transitions. Vehicles should be able to carry 1 canoe and 3 bikes. They will also get access to the free post race meal and t shirt for the race.

+ Can our support crew help us along the course

No, your support crew can only help you with gear / food / water at transition zones. But if they do happen to see you elsewhere along the course they can always bring pom poms and cheer you on!

+ I've no experience with a map and compass for navigation. Can I participate in the Swamp Donkey Adventure Race?

If you are new to using a map and compass on topographic maps you should definitely sign up for a navigation course through Wilderness Supply. The 9 Hr race is the race course you should start on.

+ Is it mandatory to wear a helmet on the bike and PFD on the paddle section?

Yes. Did you really need to ask?

+ What is an FRS Radio?

FRS or Family Radios Service radios are compact, handheld, wireless 2-way radios that provide very good clarity over a relatively short range. FRS radios are similar to "walkie talkies" and operate on any of 14 dedicated channels (1-14) designated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) expressly for FRS radio usage. They typically operate on AA or AAA batteries and are relatively inexpensive.

+ What kind of canoe should I bring?

One that floats! Seriously though, just make sure that your boat floats high enough above the water and is stable to paddle when you have 3 people in there with your gear for that portion of the course.

+ Is a throw bag the same as a throw line?

A throw bag qualifies as a throw line. You do not necessarily need to buy a throw bag. The requirements for a throw line, is that the line/rope is 15 meters in length and that it floats. You can bring 15m of yellow polypropylene rope (which naturally floats), or 15 meters of any rope and attach a float to one end.

+ Is there a minimum age requirement to participate?

Yes, you must be 16 years of age on race day in order to participate

+ How do I edit my registration details or transfer participants?

Go to: Wilderness Supply Account Enter your username and password. You will find a link to edit your registration. Please update all necessary info and submit the registration form


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