+ I'm not an Adventure Racer, but I've got a team that would like to race.. can we race?

YES! The goal of this event is to encourage first time racers to participate and experience the world of multi-sport. We welcome all racers both new and returning.

+ I don't get out much, and am not a super athlete is this too hard for me?

NO! Well probably not. The idea of adventure racing is to work together as a team - everyone works together as a team to accomplish the most difficult tasks. The race can be completed without ever running a step. This adventure race is more about perseverance though the various disciplines than it is about fitness.

+ I'm not sure that I really understand adventure racing, how do I get started?

Easy! Read up on the race details above, check our registration page for more details or contact us with your questions.

+ Do we need to carry our lifejackets for the entire race?

No. Your life jackets will only be carried for water sections of the course or where there is a safety concern regarding water.

+ I've no experience with a map and compass for navigation. Can I participate in the Pain in the ASSiniboine race?

Yes of course! Pain in the ASSiniboine does not require the use of a compass and only requires basic map reading skills. Check out the navigation training online at Wilderness Supply so that you can sign up for the Swamp Donkey race next! Courses are offered at various dates ahead of time and information regarding these courses can also be found on their website.

+ I am borrowing my friend's mountain bike do I have to worry about it in transition areas?

The bike will be under supervision in the transition areas and for mountain bike events or triathlons this is a common procedure. There will be no shopping for bikes in the transition area!

+ Is a throw bag the same as a throw line?

A throw bag qualifies as a throw line. You do not necessarily need to buy a throw bag. The requirements for a throw line, is that the line/rope is 15 meters in length and that it floats. You can bring 15m of yellow polypropylene rope (which naturally floats), or 15 meters of any rope and attach a float to one end.


Still have questions?