Race Rules

  1. The race package given to each team will include all maps required for the race, course instructions with the grid coordinates for all checkpoints and a 'passport'.
  2. The passport must be carried at all times by the competitors during the race. It must remain in good condition and dry as to allow it to be properly signed / stamped at checkpoints. Keeping a legible passport for finish line results is the responsibility of the team.
  3. The maps provided in the race package are the only maps permitted on the course. Protect your map and keep it in good condition.
  4. The course instructions will include brief descriptions of particular obstacles to watch for throughout the course and a list of all checkpoints on the course. Please insure you attend the pre-race briefing ON TIME.
  5. Teams must travel through all checkpoints in the order specified by race management on the instructions provided.\
  6. At the end of the race each team must give their passport to race management to verify that it has been signed at all checkpoints and that they were reached in the specified order. Any team that did not pass through all checkpoints in order will not be included in the official rankings.
  7. Each team is free to select the route they feel is most appropriate for the race, unless specific instructions are given to follow a particular route.
  8. The first team to have all members cross the finish line and have passed through all / the most checkpoints will be the winners. Teams must turn in their passport for verification that they reached all checkpoints in order.
  9. All team members must wear the race jersey provided at all times during the race. It must be worn as the outer layer with team # displayed (so it is in plain sight at all times). If you are a sponsored team, you may affix your sponsor’s logo on the jersey so as it does not cover official race sponsors or numbering.
  10. Teams are encouraged to help each other while on the course. No penalty will be incurred for receiving assistance from another team. Teams are required to assist any racer that is in need of medical assistance. The assisting team(s) will be given a time credit from race officials for the amount of time assisting.
  11. Weather conditions may restrict safe travel for certain sections of the course. Race management reserves the right to make changes to the course or restrict travel on certain sections due to weather conditions.
  12. Teams found traveling on restricted roads or areas designated by the race director as “out of bounds” will be disqualified, no exceptions.
  13. Mandatory gear must be carried at all times and racers may be subject to inspection at any point on the race course to ensure compliance. Racers not carrying all of the mandatory gear will be assessed with a time penalty or disqualified up to the discretion of race management. Safety equipment must be worn for each specified discipline (eg. bike helmet for biking, safety harness & helmet for climbing). Racers not wearing safety equipment will be disqualified.
  14. ALL Team members must travel together and not be separated by more than 25 meters unless specified other in the race rules.
  15. All event participants must act in an environmentally responsible manner at all times during the event. No litter, gear or any other object can be left on the racecourse, at the start line or host site except in designated disposal locations. It’s very important that we look after our environment. No food is to be left at transition drop off locations.
  16. If a competitor or team notices litter, gear or any other object left by another participant it is that team’s responsibility to pack it out to the next checkpoint to be left with the checkpoint staff.
  17. No team shall receive assistance from any persons outside of the race. If teams or solos are violating this rule they will be disqualified. I.E. Directions from helicopters, Rides in any vehicle, Communication via cell phone – etc…
  18. The maximum time allowed to complete the entire race course is 9 hours. Teams which miss cutoff times or are still on course after the 9 hours may be removed from the course.